About Us

Our Passion is Natural & Organic!

We are a small company in central Pennsylvania that not only handcrafts natural artisan soaps and body care products, but also meticulously sources certified organic and small batch wildcrafted essential oils, carriers, infused oils, and hydrosols.

We are organic certified! In 2015, we completed the USDA Organic Certification process. We offer over 70 certified organic essential oils, hydrosols, and carriers. In addition to our collection of organic essential oils, you will find an abundance of organic ingredients throughout our bath and body products as well.  

Our Products Are...

  • Formulated through the lens of a certified aromatherapist
  • Scratch-made in our cozy little Central PA workshop
  • Made with natural, organic, and sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Lab tested. We verify the chemistry of our essential oils and many other raw materials to assure they are free of parabens and phthalates.


Our Essential Oil Quality Standards


  • Label each bottle with the batch number, country of origin, cultivation method, distillation method and the distillation date.
  • 3rd party gc/ms test every batch of oil we sell, meaning that even if a distiller provides us with a report, we still send a sample to a lab for 3rd party testing to verify the chemistry.
  • We have 3 Certified Aromatherapists on staff to evaluate each oil as it is received and to review the test results to ensure our exacting standards are met.
  • Store our oils in our climate-controlled cold room to ensure maximum freshness.
  • Move oils to our clearance section of the website when they are no longer at their peak freshness.
  • Provide the batch-specific gc/ms analysis for our current batches right on our website so you can view the chemistry before you buy.
  • Offer introductory aromatherapy workshops in our cute little green building. 
  • Promote the safe use of essential oils by working with each customer in our shop to ensure they understand the safety concerns of the oils they purchase.


About Our Staff

We are a close-knit staff of certified aromatherapists, soap makers, formulators, creators, nature lovers, vegans, and ingredient label readers. We look forward to helping you smell and feel awesome, naturally.

Jessica Grill
Company Owner & Soap Maker


Jess is the author of all Pompeii Street formulas. She started the business in her parent's basement and has been working happily with essential oils since 2001. She is an artisan soap maker, certified aromatherapist, graphic designer, and back-porch distiller.

Besides crafting soap batches, Jess specializes in sourcing and analyzing the chemical composition of each essential oil before it is offered for sale. She firmly believes in transparency of product ingredients and is dedicated to continual learning. Jess and her staff keep up on the latest research on essential oils and the aromatherapy industry.

She spends her free time with her family in Mifflinburg and enjoys knitting, distilling, PA State Parks, and is still addicted to Downton Abbey.


Carol Hollister
Lead Aromatherapist


Carol is one of our knowledgeable aromatherapists that you will meet in person when visiting our store in central PA. Along with working at Pompeii Street, she is an essential oil educator and owns Sunset Essentials, Aromatherapy for Better Living. She provides fun, educational, hands-on workshops, therapeutic aromatherapy products and personal consultations for custom blends.

"The use of essential oils is rapidly becoming a popular source for those looking for an alternative way of taking care of your own health. Unfortunately, with this growth comes a great deal of misinformation circulating which can and has led to some very serious injury. It is my desire and intent to help people safely discover the wonderful and safe uses of essential oils." - Carol Hollister


Dawn Hartman
Kitchen Manager

Our employee with the longest seniority, Dawn has been with PSA from the very start (2008) and specializes in the creation of many of our body care products. She oversees the inventory and production of our lotions, body butters, sugar scrubs, liquid soaps, lip balms, salve and more. Dawn is a lover of all animals and enjoys caring for her cats, vegan cuisine, gardening, and thrift store shopping.

Often, Dawn can be found laughing with employees and customers, and is a very familiar face behind the counter in our retail store. 


Diana Schreck
Production Manager

Diana joined our team in September of 2016. Having a strong background in the manufacturing industry, Diana oversees the receiving, pouring, and labeling of our essential oils, herbal infused oils, and hydrosols. She is also responsible for labeling a large portion of our body care products, is an avid soap cutter and gift wrapper, and is often seen assisting customers at checkout.

When not at work, Diana enjoys helping her husband with outdoor tasks around their property, crocheting, baking, and reading.



Michelle Miller
Shipping Manager & Certified Aromatherapist

Michelle started her journey with Pompeii Street Soap Co. & Aromatherapy in April 2018 as our Shipping Manager. After many months of working around the various essential oils sold in store, she attended Aromatic Wisdom Institute and became an aromatherapist in November 2018. Because she works closely with online and in-store customers, knowledge of essential oils and their safety is extremely important to Michelle.

While Michelle enjoys all aspects of aromatherapy, she is extremely interested in the energetic outlook of essential oils and especially which oils help combat depression and anxiety.

When visiting our store, you may see Michelle covered in packaging tape or wrestling with cardboard boxes. Outside of work, Michelle is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, spending time with her family, cuddling with her cats, knitting or reading.

Benjamin Owens
Marketing Manager

As our newest employee, Ben joined the Pompeii Street family in April of 2019, shortly after he became familiar with the benefits of aromatherapy. Ben oversees our multiple social media outlets, helps maintain the appearance and organization of our website, and designs many of our marketing materials such as sale graphics, newsletters, and product photos. While much of his work is digital, it's not uncommon to see him at the checkout counter or helping a customer on the retail sales floor.
As an advocate for the environment and all things natural, Ben is passionate about sustainability and lessening our collective carbon footprint. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking the forests and mountains of central PA, photography, grilling, and making strong coffee. 



  Pompeii Street Soap Co. + Aromatherapy 
201 E Chestnut St
Mifflinburg, PA 17844
ph: 570-966-1114